Our new "Savage" collection was created from impressions of Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. Although the park is home to many different plants and animals, it is best known for its unique collection of unusual rock formations, which are characterized by their particular geological shape. Between smoothness and ruggedness, stability and tenderness, the monumental Joshua Tree rocks lie partly individually and also in large numbers as huge hills in the desert and amaze you. The Savage collection references the wonders of nature and is an approximation of nature's natural curves and shapes.

The jewelry reflects the various curves and shapes of the rock formations in abstract, free-swinging earrings and pendants. They underline your strong, wild, self-confident, untamed side. By interacting with light and shadow, the jewels, like the rocks, create individual patterns and shapes depending on the viewer's perspective. With their unique shapes, they offer a variety of looks, also depending on how you combine the individual accessories.