form follows female

 The new Nonna collection by Goldmarlen worships femininity in all its forms and deals with the female body and the characteristics of the female principle. Above all, it is changeability and permeability that define female qualities. A woman can be vulnerable and combative at the same time, sensitive at times headstrong, with a clear goal in mind and yet make irrational decisions. The great flexibility to respond to situations and to make decisions not only rationally but also intuitively gives the female her great power.

In the objects and pieces of jewelry in the Nonna collection, the diversity of the female should be visible. The name Nonna (Italian godmother) refers to the mythological primal mother as the origin of all life. At the same time, Nonna pays homage to the famous Nana sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle, which she regarded as a symbol of the happy, liberated woman.

Abstract silhouettes are made into feminine-looking candlesticks or side tables by sticking two parts together. The plug-in system enables a variety of combinations of the differently shaped and colored Nonnas. However, they are not exclusively subject to their function as a commodity, but can also function as sculptural objects. The open surfaces even make the Nonnas appear almost alive when the sunlight falling through creates a changing play of light and shadow.

In a smaller form, the Nonnas can also be worn directly on the body, either as a pendant or as an earring in combination with our Iconic hoop earrings.