La Peonia

1480. Italian Renaissance. The Worship of Woman. The pleasurable existence of carefree. In Botticelli's work "Primavera" an act of female beauty takes place in the divine garden of Venus. A life filled with flowers as a symbol of wealth and love.

The peony [ital. "La Peonia"] symbolizes love and tenderness and embodies feminine aesthetics. The "La Peonia" collection by Goldmarlen, in collaboration with floral set designer Valentina Teinitzer from Studio de Pasquale, underscores female beauty in its natural way. "La Peonia" represents the fusion of fragility and strength, of courage and restraint, of enjoyment and sensuality. It is intended to emphasize the importance of (self-) love.

The fragile bloom of the peonia contrasts the sturdy anchor chain that embodies the vibrant metropolises of Italy. In the center is the Peonia itself, lasered from stainless steel, engraved and plated with recycled gold. It appears as the centerpiece of the necklace and can be worn in combination with the same ear studs. The filigree peony leaf appears as another modular part, which finds its place on the delicate Iconic Creoles.