The bond with nature as a place of retreat and source of inspiration has accompanied Marlen Albrecht since she was a child. The new collection from her Goldmarlen label is called “Gaia” and pays homage to the mythological deity of the same name. Gaia symbolizes the earth and among her great wealth of materials is marble, which has always been prized in art and architecture. It is still used today, especially in the living area. During processing, leftovers are left behind that give an idea of the unique patterns of the once large stone slabs. Transformed into small cubes and cylinders, they dangle from their necks and ears.

Apart from the naming and the material, there are other details that point back to Greek antiquity. Inspired by the Greek meander, an ornament was created that breaks through the mirrored surfaces of the earrings. Other pieces of jewelry in the series are so smooth that Narcissus could have been reflected in them. Whether it's an ornament that appears on the skin when exposed to sunlight or a mirror-smooth surface - a piece of jewelery from the Gaia collection is always an interaction between people and their surroundings.


Gaia ring

Gaia ring

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