The name of the fifth collection, No5, brings together several designs that use the design language of previous collections and rethink and combine them. The innovative use of laser technology in the production of the objects is a central aspect of the collection. This process method is particularly evident in the design of Roche and iconic - the creole without a clasp. The laser technology enables a square cut here, which means that the piece of jewelry has four shiny edges and the filigree lasered stainless steel enters into fascinating games with the light.

The iconic creole picks up on the closure theme that keeps recurring with Goldmarlen. While the clasp was the aesthetic focal point in the Chartres collection, the Iconic Creole thrives on the absence of one. The intelligent shape of the earring enables good handling and comfortable wearing.

The Roche Creole with a round stone follows the same principle and is inspired by planets. It is named after the inventor of the Roche border, Édouard Albert Roche. This describes the distance between two orbiting celestial bodies.

Tense - a reinterpretation of the signet ring

Here the material properties of stainless steel are exploited in an extraordinary way by holding together the two components that make up the piece of jewelery through tension. Inspired by the classic antique signet ring with a coin, Tense is a reinterpretation of the signet ring. Reduced design language and aesthetic functionality are the focus of this truly exciting and individually engravable ring.


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