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Wovon träumst du diesen Sommer?

What are you dreaming of this summer?

It's a summer we finally get to live again, where we can travel to places we've only dreamed of for so long. Finally, sand between our toes, diving into glistening waves, salty skin caressed by warm gusts of wind, time to read an entire book in an afternoon without even noticing and spend evenings cooking with loved ones, drinking wine. We love summer for its smells, its bright light that bleaches our hair, its thick raindrops that evaporate on hot asphalt. And, of course, we love naked skin, on which our beloved jewellery is reflected in the Sun shine.

The Anklet plays around our ankle with every step.

At our ears vibrate shimmering Baroque pearls.

Shining Garnets and sapphires complement the colour spectrum of the flowering garden.
In the sultry midday heat, only a few sounds reach our consciousness, only the quiet clatter of dishes and barely perceptible music sound from some window. Time seems to stand still and we dream that this summer will never end.

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