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People have always been fascinated by the view of the night sky, stars were regarded as gods and fulfilers of prophecies, have become the basis of our timekeeping and navigation. If we ever feel lost on our planet, these distant suns can provide orientation again, familiar star formations show us the way and wrap themselves soothingly around our thoughts like a glittering blanket.
Lying in a meadow on a summer night, far away from artificial lighting, and gazing into the boundless sea of stars has an incredibly relaxing effect and fires our imagination. The idea of being connected to something outside the boundaries of our earth's atmosphere is intangible on the one hand and seems completely self-evident to us on the other.
In all early cultures, astrology and astronomy were important sciences through which people tried to decipher life and our existence on earth. The strong dependence on natural events and the related quality of life led people to hope that they could gain insights and make predictions from the course of the sun, the phases of the moon and the constellations.
The constellations known today as the signs of the zodiac are groups of fixed stars that were recognised and recorded as animals or other figures by astrologers in Mesopotamia more than two thousand years ago. In ancient Greece, certain periods of the year were assigned to these constellations. In this context, people then also began to identify themselves with the corresponding animal sign that was in the sky at the time of their birth.
Certain characteristics attributed to the signs of the zodiac were henceforth also to fundamentally shape our lives. Whether we believe in them or dismiss the character traits and predictions of the zodiac signs as superstition, it is always amazing how well they can be applied to our essential temperament, current state of mind or the distant future. Perhaps they even give us a sense of what to expect in our future in some way.
During the last weeks in which we have been working on this topic, we have come across some particularly beautiful descriptions of the respective natures of the signs of the zodiac. In specially developed illustrations, we have lovingly projected the essential characteristics of each constellation onto our little pendant.
Aquarians are inventive and ecstatic. They are true free spirits and like to break with principles. The needs of the collective come before their own.

Pisces are intuitive and mysterious. At the same time, Pisces are very passive and inward-looking - people with this star sign are good observers and have strong instincts.

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Aries are spontaneous and idealistic. Sometimes they are also impatient, but always direct and honest. They can be aggressive and have a strong will.

Taureans are sensual and solid. They stand in their own centre and are self-aware. Taureans are tender and romantic characters.

Gemini are optimistic and curious. They are versatile and adaptable, but can also be divided and ambiguous. Gemini symbolises cheerfulness and warm-heartedness.

Cancers are sensitive and attentive. They have a tender and compassionate personality. Cancer is particularly understanding towards its fellow human beings.

Lions are temperamental and warm-hearted. They like to be the centre of attention, are self-confident and value their appearance.

Virgos are reliable and focused. They are born mediators and facilitators, as they have both a rational and an emotional side within them.

Libra are empathetic and diplomatic. Libra do not like conflicts or disagreements and always try to make peace. They are very charismatic, intuitive and have a strong sense for aesthetic things.

Scorpios are sensual and intuitive. They often do not show their true feelings directly, which makes them appear mysterious. However, behind the façade hides a sensitive, profound and loyal person.
Sagittarians are freedom-loving and adventurous. They are very positive and honest towards their fellow human beings.

Capricorns are determined and strategic. They have a lot of stamina when things get uncomfortable and are particularly ambitious - real survival artists.

Our Oscar Amulett can now be worn with an engraving of your star sign. The drawings have all been lovingly designed by Goldmarlen and highlight the essential characteristics of each constellation. The inventiveness of Aquarius, the mysterious aura of Pisces, the cheerful nature of Gemini or the compassionate personality of Cancer are captured as fine engravings in this simple everyday companion.

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