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Monti rock crystal ring

  • €379,00

The Monti collection is dedicated to the Alps. The rock crystal ring is inspired by the Ötztal mountain range, which hugs your fingers as a silhouette and clamps a beautiful rock crystal, climbed and mined by hand in the Swiss Alps. Alternatively, the Monti ring is also available with a citrine set in the gold-plated ring, a particularly interesting tone-in-tone combination.

Stainless steel is a very strong, scratch-resistant material that does not tarnish. Each piece of jewelry can be worn both in the sea and in the shower. We use 100% recycled gold for our gilding.

All products from Goldmarlen are made in Germany fairly, sustainably and by hand.

Stainless steel | 24kt gold plated | 6 mm wide

S 52/53

M 54/55

L 59/60