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to love and life together.
Your rings should be as individual as each marriage.
We develop wedding rings with you according to your own ideas and wishes.


Your individual ring is moulded by us from wax or produced using 3D printing.With the help of the model, a mould is then produced and your piece of jewellery is cast in Pforzheim.


Royal, vintage and yet contemporary - the Elizabeth ring lets the stone float freely through a newly designed setting. At the top, the stone is only set by two bars. 3D printed and cast in wax, old and new techniques go hand in hand. The ring is made of 585 yellow gold, which is 100% recycled.each ring is individually made and is available in a wide range of colours.

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We only process sustainable gemstones. Recut, reuse, recycled: Faceted gemstones were mined in old deposits many years ago. Defective stones or less interesting cuts are upgraded by re-cutting. Sometimes this is precisely what creates a completely new aesthetic appeal. The Princess diamonds come from old pieces of jewellery and are therefore vintage.


We will be happy to advise you personally.

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