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The basic chains usually have a length of 45cm with the option of 40cm. Narrower necklaces like the Chartres and Pomello are worn tighter on the neck as a choker, measure your neck circumference and write it in the order, then we will make the necklace to your individual size.

The Gunta V and Mirror Chain necklace are longer 50cm but can also be worn shorter.


The sizes of our rings vary minimally, as the amorphous Axiom rings can never be assigned to an exact size. They adapt to the finger. All other rings are available in sizes S, M, L and partly XL.

The ring size can be determined with the help of a string. The circumference corresponds to the sizes in millimetres. You can also simply go to a jeweller or come to our store to find out your size.

50 = 15,90mm ≈ XS
51 = 16,20mm ≈ XS
52 = 16,50mm ≈ S
53 = 16,80mm ≈ S
54 = 17,20mm ≈ M
55 = 17,50mm ≈ M
56 = 17,80mm ≈ M
57 = 18,10mm ≈ L
58 = 18,50mm ≈ L
59 = 18,80mm ≈ L
60 = 19,10mm ≈ L
61 =
19,30mm ≈ XL


Messe die Länge of your wrist and add 1 to 2 cm to determine your bracelet size. For example, if you have a wrist circumference of 17 cm, the ideal size for your bracelet is 18 cm. This also depends on whether you want to wear your bracelet wider or looser.