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„Our jewellery pieces are favourite pieces, every single product is handmade in Germany. With respect for the environment, it is especially important to us to pay attention to sustainability, which is why we finish with recycled gold and have recently started working with recycled acrylic glass.“

less is more

The reuse of existing resources is essential, which is why the jewellery is mainly made of stainless steel, a recycled product that is particularly durable and resistant. The gold plating is made of 100% recycled gold. We also use 585 recycled gold for our unique pieces. Recut, reuse, recycled - faceted gemstones, for example, come from deposits that were mined many years ago, defective stones or less interesting cuts are upgraded by re-cutting. Sometimes it is the imperfection that makes the stone special. Mostly, however, they are reworked, given a modern cut or even a completely new shape. In this way, the valuable raw materials are given a second chance.

made in germany

From the raw materials to the packaging, resource-saving production, short delivery routes and cooperation with regional partners are our top priorities. The focus is particularly on a transparent production chain, which is implemented with a high level of environmental awareness and social commitment. We work exclusively with partners and suppliers from Germany, mainly from the nearby 'Goldstadt' Pforzheim. Our jewellery is 100% made in Germany, from the idea to the realisation to the packaging.


All products are created in a family atmosphere by a small team in Stuttgart. Marlen Albrecht, CEO and designer at Goldmarlen, deepened her path to artistic expression in her studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim. During her bachelor's degree in jewellery and objects of everyday culture "SOdA", she realised that her passion lay in combining jewellery and object.


We see the studio near Marienplatz in the south of Stuttgart as a creative place where workshop, design studio and shop are combined. From the idea to the realisation, all collections are created here. The studio also regularly hosts various events and collaborations with other designers and artists.