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It's beginning to look a lot like......

It's beginning to look a lot like......

Christmas will soon be around the corner again. It's our most beautiful and most important celebration of the year and we start thinking about what we can do to make our loved ones happy. We at Goldmarlen are in the middle of the preparations so that special pieces of jewelry from us can be under the tree again this year. It is gratifying to know that our work can also bring joy to many homes on Christmas Eve.
A turbulent year is behind us. As far as Corona was concerned, we had hope for normality, which is now beginning to crumble again. But let's not get discouraged.
The overwhelmingly positive response that we have also received for our newly developed pieces of jewelery makes us happy. Thanks very much!
If you decide to buy a customized piece of jewelry from Goldmarlen, such as real gold, engravings or special stones, please remember to get in touch with us early so that we have enough time to get everything ready for Christmas to get.




We wish you all a wonderful pre-Christmas period!

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