The symbiosis of nature and people is something that happens especially in summer. The life moves from inside to outside. People interact with nature and the nature interacts with them. There is an impact on both sides. One impact that inspired my collection is the moment when shadows fall on the skin. My intention was to create jewellery that interacts with your body and the nature.

The patterns are inspired by the nature itself, where you can find geometrical bodies. Trees like a triangle, the moon like a circle, mountains or symmetric silhouettes in mirroring landscape sections in the water.


The Radiate collection is based on patterns inspired by nature. The designs are reminiscent of mountains reaching towards the skies, lakes, the moon and the sun. As a result the designs were inspired by lines from nature, which are reduced on basic geometrics shapes. The incindence of light reflects these lines, of the jewellery on the skin. Various plug connections enable a diverse experience of wearing the jewellery. Therefore the person, the environment and the jewellery interact with each other. The translucent perspex and the body result in a gentle symbiosis, therefore a necklace can even be worn as an earring for example. The different suspension, whether square or round, can be interchanged randomly. The tension of the steel wire allows the suspension to be a piece of jewellry itself. Since the hook is a clasp

aswell, it can be opened and closed in the front.





earrings & necklace