NO. 5

The name of the fifth collection, unites the „Formsprache“ of the previous collections and let them be interpreted in a new way. The innovative use of laser technology, producing the „object/elements/ components“ represents a key aspect of the collection. In particulary this method is applied on Roche, the creole without clasp.

Laser technology allows the creole to be grind with four angles, which means that the jeweil has four shiny edges and makes it possible for the filigree lasered steel to have an „fascinating game“ with the light. Roche „dispalys/represents“ the lack of a clasp which identifys Goldmarlen. While the clasp in

the previous collection, Chartres, was the aesthetic focus, Roche is remarkable by the non–

existence of such. The intelligent shape oft he earring enables good handling and comfortable




Roche received ist name inspired by the eponymous atronomy phenomenon Roche limit. It describes the relation between two „orbiting celestial bodies“ and their distance to each other. The distance between the Roche creole and the Gemstone, is so big that you can thread it along the earlobe until the Gemstone can float „beneath/below“ the earlobe. Various combinations with many peerless gemstones, for example aquamarine, jade or onyx, makes every Creole have a unique design. The Roche Creoles associate the „shape of planet“



Another component of the collection is the seal ring Tense. In this case the charachteristics of the stainless steel are used in an extraordinary way, both components of the jewel are held together by tension. Inspired by the classic antique seal ring with a coin, „Tense is a reinterpretation of the seal ring.“ The clear and cut design, with the aesthetic functionality are

the focus of this truly exciting and individually engravable ring.



Bricks is a continuation oft he previous collection Chatres in cooperation with the toy company HABA. Bricks deliberately leaves scope.The flat curbchain necklace can be worn plain or with coloured HABA wooden beads in different shapes and colours. Every chain which is „produced/made“ in black, silver or gold receives three interchangeable HABA Charms. In this chase the person waeing the necklace, becomes a designe ras a result of the many different ways the charms can be worn.



Originating with the fascinating and topical statement oft he „Bauhaus“ „form follows function“,

includes Goldmarlen’s first home accessory into its range. The candleholder „FLIT“ is originated

from the geometric forms and was constructed in such a way that the candle either floats or

stands if it has a smaller bore. FLIT is available in 6 different colours and is made by powder-

coated- steel.