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Roche hoop earrings jasper

  • €139,00
Rose Gold

Roche hoop earrings are designed in such a way that they don't need a clasp. Simply pull the creole through your ear and it will hold by itself. If you thread it through the ear from behind, the opening is hidden behind the ear.

The Roche hoop earrings with a round stone center are inspired by planets and named after the inventor of the Roche border, Édouard Albert Roche. This describes the distance between two orbiting celestial bodies. Exactly this distance is so large with the Roche Creole that you can thread it along the earlobe. The creole is turned through the ear until the edge comes out and therefore does not need a fastener.

All products from Goldmarlen are produced in Germany fairly, sustainably and by hand .

stainless steel | 24k gold plated |green jasper