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“Our pieces of jewelery are favorite pieces, every single product was made by hand in Germany. With respect for the environment, it is particularly important to us to pay attention to sustainability, which is why we refine with recycled gold and have recently started working with recycled acrylic glass.”

less is more

Goldmarlen's jewelery is reduced to the essentials. The focus is often on the detail, because aesthetic connections and high-quality closure techniques characterize the design of Goldmarlen.

Many parts are modular and can be combined in many ways - timeless and simple. Jewelery has always accompanied mankind, we express our personality with it. The feeling of owning favorite earrings that you like to wear again and again and that also melt into you to a certain extent is wonderful. For us, conscious consumption with an appreciation for manual work and design is the future. Owning pieces that can be refurbished and gilded again and again so that they shine like they did on the first day - or the love of signs of wear that show how often the piece of jewelery accompanies you in life. This is what distinguishes good jewelry for us.
Timeless, imperishable aesthetic objects that last not only for one season but in the best case for generations.
The reuse of existing resources is essential, which is why the jewelry is mainly made of stainless steel, a circular product that is particularly durable and resistant. The gold plating consists of 100% recycled gold.
We also use 585 recycled gold for our unique pieces.
Recut, reuse, recycled - faceted gemstones, for example, come from deposits that were mined many years ago, defective stones or less interesting cuts are upgraded by re-cutting. Sometimes the imperfect makes the stone special. Most of the time, however, they are reworked, given a modern finish or a completely new shape. This gives the valuable raw materials a second chance.

made in germany

From the raw materials to the packaging, resource-saving production, short delivery routes and cooperation with regional partners are top priorities for us.

The focus is particularly on a transparent production chain, which is implemented with a high level of environmental awareness and social commitment. We work exclusively with partners and suppliers from Germany, mainly from the nearby 'Goldstadt' Pforzheim. Our pieces of jewelery are 100% made in Germany, from the idea through implementation to packaging.


All products are created in a small team in Stuttgart in a family atmosphere.
Marlen, CEO and designer at Goldmarlen, deepened her path to artistic expression during her studies at the Pforzheim University of Design. In the "SOdA" bachelor's degree in jewelry and objects of everyday culture, she realized that her passion lies in combining jewelry and objects.

"In terms of design, I'm always looking for a result
that allows me to play with being able to exchange
individual parts."

-Marlen Albrecht

Isabella, who has been part of the team since 2020, is a carpenter and studied product design at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee. She is an integral part of the small team and works in all areas.
Sophia mainly takes care of the logistics at Goldmarlen and otherwise runs her own label Klara Blau in Pforzheim.
In addition, there are always new interns from all areas and courses of study who are allowed to implement their creative ideas here and thus participate in the various areas.


From Tuesday to Saturday, the studio near Marienplatz, the hotspot for creative people, welcomes everyone. The studio, or rather creative space in the south of Stuttgart, combines workshop, design studio, shop and location in one place. From the idea to the implementation, all collections are designed, manufactured and sold here. There are also regular events and collaborations with other designers and artists in the studio.