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Vivid Necklace

  • €219,00
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Savage - strong, confident and untamed. Inspired by Joshua Tree Park, the snake-shaped Savage necklace is reminiscent of the Crotalus Mitchellii rattlesnake that lives in the deserts of southern California. With the Vivid pendant, you'll also let the California sunshine into your life.

The special feature of the Savage necklace is, among other things, the barely visible push-in clasp, which blends discreetly into the necklace and features the Goldmarlen logo. The necklace can be worn plain without a pendant or combined with the Vivid pendant.

Savage is the first limited Collection of gold marls. Since only 99 Pieces Each piece of jewellery in the collection is engraved with a number in the specially created Savage font. Thus, your piece of jewellery is a unique.

All products from Goldmarlen are used in Germany fair, sustainable and by hands produced.