About my work

My work is determinded by simple designs which fulfils the aesthetic and functional components. My designs connect a wide range of material, craftmenship and digital techniques, for the special potential I see in that interaction. I’m always looking for a result that allows me to „play“ with it and gives me the possibility to exchange individual parts.

With this in mind, my young label, is focused on giving space to diversity or multifunctionalty and makes use of material and technical possibilities to enable a creative handling of the object.

About Me

My path to artistic expression was deepened  during my studies at the designer university in Pforzheim. In my Bachelor’s course jewellery and objects of everyday culture, jewellerys and interial objects were my main topics. In 2017  I finally realized in my bachelor thesis that I was not looking for a way that lead only to jewellery or only to obects. I wanted to combine jewellery and object in my designs.

Since 2017 my jewellery collections are offered under my label Goldmarlen and I work on creative projects in theatres or with start- up companies.


Couch liebt | Auszeichnung von Couch für die besten Designs der Blickfang Köln 2019

Nominierung | German Design Award 2019

Selected by Annabelle | Auszeichung für die besten 7 Designer der Blickfang Zürich 2018

3. Platz | H&M Design Wettbewerb, Hochschule Pforzheim 2017

Finalistin | young designers corner 2016

Finalistin | next generation jewellery contest, Fiera di Vicenza 2015



Über das Label Goldmarlen

Goldmarlen is the aspiring jewellery label oft he young designer Marlen Albrecht. She is a graduate of the renowned designer university of Pforzheim „…“ course of study was jewellery and objects of everyday culture. Her work consists of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings which ranging from extravagant statement pieces to simple eye – catchers for an every day look. In five collections so far, aesthetics and functionality are the focus point and a wide range of material such as stainless steel, acrylic glass, wooden beads and gemstones are combined in a unique way, all by handwork. Diversity , multi – functionality as well as the principle of the simple opulence are the typical characteristics of Marlen Albrecht’s designs. In May 2017, she opened her studio for her label GOLDMARLEN at Marienplatz in Stuttgart and is nominated for the German Design Award 2019.